Flight Crew Training
The Company ensures an extensive programme of training for its flight crews, with instruction undertaken by Pilot Instructors from both within and outside the Company in order to enhance their experience and ability to deal with any operational situation. Training includes aircraft type rating, type conversion and emergency drills, all complemented by  regular ‘line checks’ and six monthly ‘base checks’.


Technical Crew Training
The Company works closely with its engine and airframe suppliers to conduct technical courses for its engineers and technicians. These courses include detailed maintenance procedures on aero-engine and airframe types that enable the Company to enhance its maintenance capability. The Company actively encourages its technical personnel to secure further qualifications and ratings in pursuit of their career development. Technical courses undertaken by Company personnel since 2011 include:

Course Description


  BO 105 Familiarization Course

Eurocopter Malaysia

  T1 Airframe Type Familiarization Course

Eurocopter Malaysia

  206 Series Field Maintenance Training Course

Bell Training Academy, USA

  Clinic on Engine Ops. & Preventive Maintenance

Australia Pacific Aerospace, Australia

  AS355 F1 Airframe Course

Eurocopter Malaysia


Specialist Training
Wherever possible, LLA’s personnel undertake specialist training courses that include: HAZMAT/DG carriage & safe procedures, Safety Management Systems, Health, Safety & Environmental Management, Flight Operations & Planning, and First Aid. Technical courses undertaken by the Company personnel since 2011 include:

Course Description


  Air Legislation & Airworthiness Requirement Course

Aviation Training Centre (APR)

  Human Factor & Error Management


  Dangerous Goods Awareness Course

MHS Aviation Bhd

  Fire Prevention

Malaysia Airports

  Flight Operations Management

Global SAR Resources

  Air Legislation Course


  Flight Safety Seminar

Eurocopter Malaysia

  Airworthiness Part 1


  Airworthiness Part 2


  Air Legislation Basic Course


  ACES Training


  Health, Safety & Environment Management Systems (HSEMS)


  Part 66 Briefing

DCA, Malaysia