Layang Layang Aerospace is the exclusive distributor for Malaysia for Spider tracks of New Zealand, leading manufacturers of satellite tracking devices (‘Spiders’) for aircraft, ships and vehicles. All the Company’s aircraft care fitted with ‘Spiders’ that provide flight operations with the aircraft’s altitude, speed and direction of travel throughout the duration of the flight. ‘Spiders’ may also receive messages from Operations for relaying to the Pilot. This ingenious device greatly enhances flight safety and has become an invaluable aid in support of the Company’s flight operations, particularly for monitoring aircraft flying within the remote interior areas of East Malaysia.  

Since 2008, the Company has actively promoted sales of Spidertracks satellite tracking equipment in Malaysia and has the following clients:

For sales enquiries please view the range of products available at www.spidertracks.com and kindly contact us via tel: +60-88-484919 (from outside Malasyia) or tel: 088-484919 (from within Malaysia), or mail to irwin@layangaero.com and our sales team will respond to you as soon as possible.