• Sarawak Incorporated Private Sector Company: Layang Layang Aerospace Sdn Bhd (‘LLA’) prides itself as East Malaysia’s leading private sector fixed and rotary-wing aviation operator and maintenance organization.
  • Air Operator’s Certificate No. AOC/05: Under its AOC, LLA is responsible for the continued safe operation of the largest aircraft fleet in East Malaysia consisting of the following aircraft: 2 x  ‘NOMAD’ N22C fixed-wing aircraft; 1 x Eurocopter AS355 twin-engine helicopter; 8 x Eurocopter BO105S twin-engine helicopters (4 x units fully EMS configured),  2 x Bell B3 ‘Jetranger’; 1 x Bell L3 ‘Longranger’.
  • Maintenance Repair Organisation (MRO) Approval No. AO/0128/06: LLA possesses a full category MRO approval issued by Department of Civil Aviation, Malaysia which allows for comprehensive ‘in-house’ maintenance capability for its fleet of aircraft thereby guaranteeing their continued airworthiness and serviceability.
  • Multi-Role Capability: LLA offers genuine multi-role capability with its quality aircraft services, maintenance & operations, and performs diverse tasks for both public and private sectors.
  • Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Provider: LLA is the largest and best equipped EMS provider in East Malaysia with unrivalled EMS capability via its 5 x units Eurocopter BO105S CBS-4 & CBS-5 ‘EMS’ configured helicopters and 2 x units ‘NOMAD’ N22C fixed-wing aircraft with EMS equipment.
  • Highly Skilled Multi-Ethnic Workforce: The Company’s 90 employees consist of a high percentage of skilled workers including pilots, engineers, technicians, and related specialists. Some 80% of the Company’s employees originate from East Malaysia.
  • Unrivalled Safety Record: LLA has achieved an excellent safety record with zero accidents or major incidents in over twenty years of continuous flight and maintenance operations. In recognition of this fact, the Company has received an Operator Safety Award from Helicopter Association International every year from 2000 to 2014.
  • Proven Government Contractor: ‘Performance’ means everything at LLA and the Company continues to successfully undertake and complete numerous Government contracts throughout Malaysia.
  • Bumiputera Company: LLA has remained a ‘Bumiputera’ status organization since incorporation.