BO105 Helicopter: The Company operates 8 x units Eurocopter BO105S in CB-5/CBS-4/CBS-5 variants, of which 4 x units are EMS configured: The BO105 helicopter type was developed and manufactured in Germany by Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm (later to become Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH) with a total 1,407 BO105 helicopter units (all versions) delivered to customers Worldwide of which 928 remain in service. With over 7.5 million accumulated flight hours, the BO105 is one of the most successful ‘light’ twin-engine helicopters ever produced and provides the customer with cost effective twin-engine multi-role capability. The BO105 helicopter is readily supportable in terms of its electronic, avionic, major rotable component and design engineering features, with Eurocopter committed* to maintaining comprehensive product support for the BO105 until 2025 at the earliest.

Technical Data - BO105S CB-5/CBS-4/CBS-5 Mutli-Utility Helicopter Types
Dimensions: L:4.30m (4.55M for CBS-4/CBS-5), W:1.58m, H:3.0m; Main Rotor: 4 blades, diameter 9.80m (9.84m for CBS-4); Tail Rotor: 2 blades, diameter 1.90m; Max. Certified Mass: 2500kg; Airspeed Limits-Vne=145kts up to 2400kg, Vne=130kts above 2300kg; Max. operating altitude: 17,000 ft; Seating capacity passenger version:4** pax.; Seating capacity EMS version:2** pax. + 2 stretchers; Engines: 2 x Rolls Royce-Allison 250 C20B freewheel turbines. *Information Source - Eurocopter Technical Information Letter No. BO105 004-2010 dated 4th May 2010. ** Max. seating capacity 5 pax. in passenger version and 3 pax. + 2 stretchers In EMS version with installation of co-pilot’s back-to-back seat  and subject to MTOW.



Bell ‘Jetranger’ & ‘Longranger’ Helicopters: The Company operates 1 x unit Bell 206 B3 ‘Jetranger III’ and 1 x unit Bell 206 L3 ‘Longranger III’ helicopters. The Bell 206 ‘family’ is arguably the most versatile, cost-effective single-turbine series of helicopters ever produced with a total of nearly 10,000 units (all versions) thus far delivered to customers Worldwide. The aircraft’s low direct operating cost (DOC) per hour, combined with its rugged simplicity and reliability, make it an especial favourite for operators and in this regard our Company is no exception. No matter whether the Customer requires an aerial survey, a recce for a potential plantation site, or a means to deliver the monthly salaries to employees in the Interior, the Bell 206 is always ready and able to perform the task. Furthermore, the aircraft serves as a capable EMS support aircraft when required.

Technical Data – Bell 206 B3 ‘Jetranger III’ Helicopter
Crew:1; Passengers:4; Propulsion:1 x turboshaft engine; Make:RR-Allison; Model:250 C20B; Power:421shp; Max. Speed:130kts; Service Ceiling:20,000 ft; Range:374nm; Empty Weight:778kg; MTOW:1,451kg; Main Rotor:2-diameter 10.15m; Tail Rotor:2-diameter 1.58m; Overall Dimensions: L:11.96m, H:2.91m; First Flight:01.10.66.

Technical Data – Bell 206 L3 ‘Longranger III’ 
Crew:1; Passengers:6; Propulsion:1 x turboshaft engine; Make:RR-Allison; Model:250 C30P; Power:650shp; Max. Speed:130kts; Service Ceiling:20,000 ft; Range:360nm; Empty Weight:998kg; MTOW:1,882kg; Main Rotor:2-diameter 11.28m; Tail Rotor:2-diameter 1.58m; Overall Dimensions: L:10.44, H:3.14m; External Sling Capacity:907kg.


Eurocopter AS355: The Company operates 1 x unit Eurocopter AS355 F2 ‘Twinstar’ multi-role helicopter. The AS355 F2's speed and range combined with a roomy, quiet cabin make it suitable for a variety of missions from EMS to executive transport.  The Starflex rotor head and modular design provide long service life as well as simplified maintenance procedures. 

Technical Data - Eurocopter AS355 F1 Multi-Role Helicopter
Dimensions: L: 10.93m, W:1.87m, H:3.14m; Main Rotor: 3 blades, diameter 10.69m; Tail Rotor: 2 blades, diameter 1.86m; MTOW (Internal Load): 2400kg; MTOW (External Load): 2500kg; Airspeed Limits-Vne=150kts (power on); Vne=120kts (power off); Max. operating altitude: 16,000 ft; Max. passenger seating capacity (transport role): 6 pax.;  max. capacity (EMS role): 2 x stretchers + 2 x medical attendants; Engines: 2 x Rolls Royce-Allison 250 C20F freewheel turbines.


'NOMAD' N22C Fixed Wing Aircraft: The Company operates 2 x units NOMAD N22C twin-engine turboprop, high winged, short take-off & landing aircraft affording IFR day/night all-weather capability. The aircraft was produced by Government Aircraft Factories, Australia, with 172 units being delivered to customers Worldwide.

Technical Data – NOMAD N22C Aircraft
Crew: 1 or 2; Passengers:12 (or 2 x stretchers + medical crew in EMS role); Length: 12.56m; Wingspan:16.52m; Height: 5.52m; Wing area:31.10m²; Airfoil: NACA 23018 (modified); Empty Weight: 2,150kg; MTOW:4,050kg; Powerplant: 2 × RR-Allison 250-B17C turboprop engines, 420shp each; Performance: Cruise speed:169kts/193mph; Stall spee:47kts/55mph (power off, flaps down); Range: 1,800km; Service Ceiling: 6,400m (21,000 ft); Rate of Climb:7.4 m/s (1,460 ft/min).