All of us at Layang Layang Aerospace take pride in our Company's ability to fully maintain and operate numerous aircraft types in the ever varied and challenging environment of General Aviation. 

The Company’s  practices a ‘culture of excellence’ in relation to  all aspects of aircraft maintenance which is based upon the following key factors: LLA maintains its own fleet of both Fixed Wing (Aeroplanes) and Rotary Wing (Helicopters) Aircraft entirely ‘in-house’ and as defined under the Company’s full category Maintenance Repair Organization  (MRO) Approval No. AO/0128/06 issued by Department of Civil Aviation, Malaysia; LLA maintains aircraft owned by third parties (other companies or individuals) on a contract basis and according to the same exacting standards as its own fleet; LLA performs all scheduled and unscheduled aircraft maintenance in strict compliance with regulations laid down by DCA Malaysia, and where appropriate other leading international Aviation Authorities such as UKCAA and EASA, together with the standards imposed by the Original Equipment Manufacturers of the aircraft and components; LLA applies stringent quality controls to all the varied aspects of aircraft maintenance. 

As a full category MRO, LLA is duly authorised to carry out a wide range of aircraft engineering  services within its overall provision of maintenance, including: Bell 206 series transmission component repair/overhaul; calibration of specific aircraft instruments and tools; compass checks; propeller, main rotor & tail rotor blade tracking and balancing; major  & minor component changes; aircraft modification and modification design work; aircraft sheet-metal work; engine vibration analysis; lead-acid and Ni-CD aircraft  battery capacitor checks; aircraft structural & engineering surveys; weighing of fixed and rotary wing aircraft up to 12500lbs.

LLA pays great attention to determining and monitoring the Direct Operational Cost (DOC) per hour for each of the aircraft types that it operates and ensures that the necessary ‘maintenance reserve’ is set aside to cover all maintenance costs incurred by these aircraft. Careful planning is given to spares procurement and inventory holding.

LLA’s Senior Management and Executives work closely with Clients to determine operational and maintenance programmes that provide for cost-effective aviation solutions, and process and reference checking is carried out at all stages to monitor operational costs.

The Company has successfully performed maintenance, engineering and operational services contracts on behalf of the following private sector clients: Hornbill Skyways Sdn Bhd, Federal Hotel, Sebiro Air Services Sdn, Boskym Udara Sdn Bhd, Saeaga Air Sdn Bhd, Adtec Sdn Bhd, Wirakris Udara (M) Sdn Bhd, Helicopter Resources Sdn Bhd, Ekran Bhd, Sabah Flying Club, Solaire System Sdn Bhd.Ground Handling Services have been performed for Asian Xpress Sdn Bhd, Intermap Technology Corporation.